About Us


Thank you very much for visiting my website! I hope you find the information here useful. A little bit about me…

I’m a retired seamstress who has taught hundreds of sewing classes to people from all walks of life. My favorite group has always been those just starting out. The passion and joy that you see in their eyes is priceless when they’ve completed their first project. It is so much fun getting excited with them.

I created this site to help parents or beginners find the perfect sewing machine for their child or for their own use. I wanted to put my years of experience and wealth of knowledge teaching beginners to good use. I’ve seen all kinds of sewing machines come into my classroom and know the frustration that can happen when a beginner is having issues with their machine. I really hope this website can alleviate some stress and anxiety from your sewing lives.

Thanks for visiting and happy sewing! ☺