Sewing Books For Beginners


If you are a beginner getting a good book to help you grow and inspire you is a great place to start. Thankfully there are a lot of amazing beginner sewing books out there to choose from . Here is a list of some of the most popular books that you can find in 2014.

The Sewing Everything Workshop was published way back in 2007, but is still a relevant and outstanding beginner sewing book. Diana Rupp is your guide as she brings you through how to choose a sewing machine, how to sort and arrange your workspace and then through many fun projects. The projects logically build upon each other and you will quickly see your skill level progress with each new lesson.

I love that it is spiral bound so you can lay it open as you work. Very fun book that is perfect for beginners. Click here to see The Sewing Everything Workshop on Amazon.

For those that want to get the absolute most out of their sewing machine this is the book for you. The Sewing Machine Classroom walks you through how to take care of your machine, how to troubleshoot problems and how to best use your accessories.

This book is not just for beginners. People of many different sewing levels will find something to learn in this excellent book. Click here to see The Sewing Machine Classroom on Amazon

The Sewing Book is an encyclopaedia of information that covers everything you can think about sewing. You will find tool descriptions, step by step instructions for many different sewing tasks and 25 excellent projects that you can work through.

This book is a valuable resource that you will find yourself referring to time after time throughout your sewing lifetime. Click here to see The Sewing Book on Amazon

Sewing School: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make is a wonderful book that your child will adore. This book will nurture a love and passion for sewing in your child as they are brought through a series of 21 sewing projects.

The projects are both fun and creative. They also cover a wide range of ideas including pillows, pot holders, dolls and more.

A cute touch has quotes from actual children who have worked through the projects and helpful tips for adults on how they can help. This is a great book that your child will love. Click here to see the Sewing School book on Amazon

My First Sewing Book: 35 Easy Sewing and Fun Projects For Children is another great place for a child to start. Included are 35 super fun projects including sock puppets, rag dolls, lavender bags and hanging stars. Your child will truly be inspired while they work through this book. The step by step instructions are very clear with great images that are put together to bring out the best in your child.
You will be excited as you watch your child’s skill level grow as they move through the book. By the end you (and they) will be thrilled with how far they have come. Click here to see My First Sewing Book on Amazon