History and The Benefits of Sewing Infographic


sewing infographic small

Sewing has been around for centuries passing from one generation to the next. There is even evidence of it back in the prehistoric era.

Sewing is once again gaining in popularity and interest is at an all-time. You can find dozens of blogs, magazines and websites dedicated to the subject where sewing techniques, patterns and stories are shared.

The Do It Yourself (DIY) economy is a large part of this resurgence. Many people are interested in DIY projects for the sense of accomplishment it brings, to learn something new and to also save money. All of these things contribute to the popularity of sewing.

Sewing is a skill that spans all age groups and brings the young and old together. Not long ago sewing was thought of as a skill that only “old” people took part in. That is no longer the case. There is a large and growing number of young people who are just as passionate and knowledgeable about sewing as their older counterparts.

Because of this increase in public interest sales for all things sewing has gone up. Sewing machines sales have climbed 500% the last few years and don’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. Even children as young as 6 years old are learning to sew. Users now have the choice between manual or computerized sewing machines.

I think this trend will continue and hope this web site adds to the continued interest and success the sewing industry is experiencing. Thanks for visiting my website and happy sewing!